Welcome Home

Welcome home to your life, to this mysterious new year, to the grace of exactly what is. May 2014 unfold in beauty. And welcome to my new website! This moment: Our old dog, Gita, and our young dog, Lola, are sprawled in identical positions on the floor at my feet.  There is a tea light More…

All Will Be Well: The Radical Optimism of Julian of Norwich

For Julian, the good news is not merely the reward we will receive one day when we slough off this mortal coil and go home to God. Every moment is an opportunity to remember that we are perfectly loved and perfectly loveable, just as we are.


As a Native New York Jew who grew up in the counter-culture of New Mexico and spent my early twenties in northern California, the American South is as foreign to me as Mongolia. Maybe more. And so visiting the Bible Belt is a perfect opportunity for me to walk my talk and reject the impulse More…

Keeping the Sabbath Radical

Today is Saturday. The sun has just dipped below the western mesa and the face of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains is about to be washed with the scarlet glow from which the range derives its poetic name. Shabbat is over and, in the tradition of my ancestors, I mourn a little. The Sabbath, they More…

Mindfulness, Heartfulness

When we choose to be present to our loss–to sit in the emptiness, the mystery, the sorrow and the rage–as a way to honor our loved one who has died, we are offering the fullness of our hearts.

Toward the One

Here is my latest HuffPo piece: There is an apocryphal story about Abraham smashing the idols in his father’s workshop to make a statement about the absolute unity of the Divine. As the legend goes, one day an elderly woman comes by Terah’s idol-fabrication establishment with a basket of bread to offer the gods in More…

Dispatches from GOD OF LOVE tour

I can’t help but wonder if I need to find alternative language to “spiritual promiscuity.” It may be sending the wrong message.

Showing Up

And in the process of surrendering to the transformative fire of loss, we are made new.

Grief Pendulum

The bereaved are still among my favorite people to hang out with. Their losses seem to strip them of much of the bullshit that characterizes the human predicament, leaving them with a fierce authenticity and a wicked sense of humor.

Enlightened Atheists

The other day I had an unusual and very special guest come speak to my Religious Studies class, author and activist, John Nichols. It was unusual for at least a couple of reasons: one, John is pretty much a recluse and rarely appears in public; and two, it is a course in Christian Scriptures, and More…