Interspiritual Gender Reconciliation

These four young people are passionate about the intespiritual path—about walking it, talking it, teaching it, and letting it lead them to unexpected, not always comfortable, places.

Epiphany in Crestone

I gave thanks for whatever it is in my life that has allowed me to so deeply drink from the most sacred wells of many spiritual traditions

Wu-Wei in the Classroom

I will take with me the reminder to lead with a light touch, so that those who follow me are really following themselves, and following the Tao.

Extravagent Stillness

This is not the season of sorrow,
but of gratitude.
The extravagant, fiery beauty of autumn
heralds the coming of the holy quiet.

Interspiritual Quest

The interspiritual quest is more about immersing ourselves in the practices at the heart of various spiritual paths, and experiencing them from the inside.


I want to let it do whatever it’s supposed to do: fall away, maybe; or turn into something else.

Your Love for Me

On this last day of summer, one month before your yahrtzeit, I grieve you as if the accident was yesterday. I am astonished (again, and yet again) by the power of grief. I had almost forgotten. Maybe it’s because this morning the cloth slipped off the file box where I keep your papers and I More…

Balancing Service with Self-Care

Four deaths in as many weeks. First a dear family friend recently diagnosed with late-stage cancer embraced her dying, reluctantly at first, then with astounding grace, surrounded by a tribe of remarkable women singing, soothing, feeding, and finally praying her across the threshold. Then my best friend (in the midst of tending our mutual friend More…

Look Who Thinks She’s Nobody

A shamus is a guy who takes care of handyman tasks around the temple, and makes sure everything is in working order. A shamus is at the bottom of the pecking order of synagogue functionaries, and there’s a joke about that: A rabbi, to show his humility before God, cries out in the middle of More…