Walking an Interspiritual Path

Here’s a half-hour video of a talk I gave for the Sage Institute on Interspirituality.


4 thoughts on “Walking an Interspiritual Path”

  • My Dear Mirabai,
    Tell me, how does someone like myself attend one of the many mystical retreats you give without having the funds to cover expenses. I know there was a time when you were first beginning your journey as a writer, how did you finance all of the workshops and retreats that feed the soul?

    Many Blessings,

  • Oh Mirabai,
    I feel shame. I just listened to your rap on Interspiritual path and see my complaining above. I will go put my head in the sand now…love you,

  • Mirabai,
    I am back and just needed to respond to your talk on the Interspiritual Path. You speak so eloquently I must first say. The first mystic you quoted said his religion is LOVE. “How Beautiful! Then our loving John of the Cross, he suffered so much at the hands of the catholic priests. I grew up catholic. You have no idea how upset I was when I read how deeply he was tortured by his “brothers”.. He does give us so much “Honey” if you will”
    due to his suffering. I guess my point is God has used you to open up a new world for me through the mystics. Thank you! Perhaps I can say my religion is “love” because I do not practice any specific religion. You should have had the ability to receive the Body and Blood of Christ for years. I do not want to get negative so I will be good and not say what I really feel. I pray we can meet one day, I feel we will deep within my spirit. May you be Blessed for all the good you do, Hugs, elizabeth